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Jack to a King, is the remarkable story of a group of life long fans who band together, with courage and determination to reclaim their club from the brink of extinction.

United against an owner who’s first task is to sack the six best players, they risk everything to get Swansea City a shot at playing in the richest football league in the world.

One match, a prize of £90 million, winner takes all. Easy, “not if you know Swansea City”

A universal tale of triumph over adversity that will appeal far beyond fans of the Beautiful game.

In Cinemas from 12th September

NEWS FLASH – We have a cinematic hit on our hands

On a screen per screen average it is the second most popular film at the Welsh box office this week — beaten only by the animated family film Boxtrolls.

Indeed such is the demand for tickets, its run on the silver screen has been extended.

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